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28 September 2018

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Healthy Holidays on a Finca

Healthy Holidays on a Majorca Finca:


Ecological awareness starts at home. Here, ecological aware people pay heed to avoiding litter, saving electricity and water and of course using organic and local aliment. But how does it look like during the most beautiful time of the whole year – the holidays?


There are hoteliers all around the globe who discover their ecological awareness – partly because of conviction, partly due to economic reasons. So far, Mallorca didn’t have a lot to offer, but now Finca Can Guillo starts considering ecological standards. Cuts in the consumption of water and energy are a very important issue all over the Balearic Islands. Because of that an upcoming solar heating system takes care of warming up the water and a pellet heating system will only join in if the sun doesn’t suffice.


For our swimming pool, we completely abstain the usage of aggressive chemistry – the water is kept clean by adding salt and a smart technique which splits up the salt only in case of need.


Waste separation is the standard value for some time and our chicken salvage the biological litter with great verve.


“A prosperous tourism sector has to be accompanied by a healthy environment and respect for the nature” said José Salas Comas (coproprietor of Can Guillo). Therefore he keeps over 300 sheep, 20 uncounted chicken, goats and a couple of cats on the Finca. They are a self-evident part of a typical and natural mallorcan Finca. Our guests are spoilt with healthy cuisine and fresh aliment from the region and our own biological farmed vegetable garden. Local gastronomic specialties according to old traditional recipes are part of our highlights several times per week – exclusively prepared for the guests of the Finca.


Within the framework of an afforestation programm, the mallorcan government provided 1 million trees. Approximately 200 durmast oaks and pines are supposed to be planted next winter in order to restore the original face of Mallorca. Unfortunately in former times the amount of durmast oaks was noticeably decreased owing to the production of wood charcoal.


Nature conservation and ecological awareness are nothing new to Can Guillo, but a tradition resulting from the history of this magnificent estate.